Adult Sailing Classes at LSYC

The Adult Sailing Classes at LSYC will be offered in two sections each two-weeks long meeting on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6pm to 9:30pm. Each evening will start with a short, classroom instruction on that evening's material, then it's out on the water for plenty of hands-on time practicing the evening's skills under the careful attention of our instructors. We will close the evening back on shore to debrief and answer questions before adjournment.

The first two-week section will cover the basics. It's designed to impart the knowledge needed to be a competent member of any sailboat crew. The second two-week section will build on the first section with more of the theory and nuance of sailing. The second section is meant to bring you to a level where you can feel confident skippering your own boat during daylight hours and moderate weather conditions.

There will be a one week break in between sections 1 and 2 to allow for make-up time should weather conditions require. Students will be evaluated by their instructors as well as given a short quiz on each section's material. Each student will receive their own copy of the US Sailing "Basic Keelboat" course book and plenty of one-on-one and group attention from our instructors.

You must complete Basic Keelboat I in order to take Basic Keelboat II.

2018 Class Schedule:

Please note that these courses teach sailing, and although we will touch on the various rules and regulations, these courses are not intended to fulfill the Ohio Boater Education Course (OBEC) requirements. If you intend to sail your own boat, and were born after January 1, 1982, you are required to pass the Ohio Boater Education Course (Available on line). If you are new to boating we recommend you fulfill the OBEC requirements even if you were born before January 1, 1982.

Course Fees

Each section will cost $175 a person. We are offering a $25 per person discount if one of the following applies to you:

  1. You are in a group of two or more who register together
  2. You are a member or become a member of LSYC
Only one discount per qualified individual. All payments are due on or before the first evening of the section. Payment will be accepted in cash, check (to "LSYC") or credit card. If paying by credit card contact LSYC at 440-288-0500 BEFORE the section's first evening. Check or cash may be paid on the first evening of the section.

We will reply via email with a full application in PDF format for you to print-off, fill-out and bring with on the first evening of class. This will be your notification of registration.

Basic Keelboat Class Registration


Please sign me up for: I qualify for a $25 discount because I am:
Basic Keelboat I - July 10 thru July 19, 2018 Signing up as a group (provide name(s) of others in your group below)
Basic Keelboat II - July 31 thru August 9, 2018 A member of LSYC

Names of other members in my group if seeking the group discount: