Welcome to the LSYC Racing Web Pages. These pages will inform you about all racing events being sponsored by LSYC during the 2017 season. New this year are some Predicted Log competition opportunities.

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Weekly Racing

LSYC offers weekly racing series for both Auxiliary and one-design Sailboats.

Wednesday PHRF Series

The Auxiliary sailboats race on the LSYC fixed mark course, located to the east of Lorain Harbor. Racing happens most Wednesday nights from June 6th to September 19th with one by-week on August 22nd. The weekly races are divided into two series with combined seasonal overall awards too. Races start at 19:00 until August 29th when the balance of the season starts at 18:30.

Sunday Star class Series

Star class sailboats race on a movable course windward/leeward legs. Racing occurs on Sunday afternoons with a 13:30 start time. We normally run three (3) races each Sunday. This course will be active between June 3rd and September 23rd with some Sundays excluded.

Sunday PHRF Series (five Sundays only)

A new series is being added for the Auxiliary sailors -- a five-Sunday race series utilizing the LSYC fixed mark course. The race will start about 13:00 in the vicinity of the Star fleet's start line, proceed around the LSYC Fixed-mark course and conclude in the harbor between navigational aids 5 and 6 with each skipper taking their own finish time. While all auxiliary sailors are welcome, this limited series is intended for the skipper new to PHRF racing. As such we will kick-off the series on Sunday, 17 June 2018, with a racing seminar at the LSYC clubhouse.

Get the Weekly Racing Notice of Race (NOR) and Racing Application here.

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Special Racing Events

Tenth Annual Tom Gibbs Memorial Kelleys Island Race
Saturday 25 August 2018

The Gibbs/Kelleys Island race is an annual event at LSYC. The race is a two-day event. On Saturday we race 25 miles from Lorain to Kelleys Island. We stay over on Kelleys enjoying a meal and party. On Sunday we race back. This year the annual steak fry is returning as part of the event. This is always a great way to cap-off the season!

The Gibbs race honors former LSYC member Tom Gibbs -- a man who loved a good, long distance race, a delicious "Great Scot" (Rum and Tonic) and the comradeship of his fellow sailors! Join us to celebrate the 10th running of this annual favorite.

Post Action Report

Another Gibbs race enters the history book. We all thought last year's Saturday race was a record breaker, but this year's race turned in an even shorter (though slight) run! This year's race had the largest sign-up ever at eleven yachts.

Saturday saw winds averaging in the high teens and average gusts in the low 20s (knots), but also featured one or more rain showers (depending whether you went inshore or offshore) and a final 45 minutes in the gap between Marblehead and KI that featured gusts up to 32 knots. We had two boats unable to finish Saturday due to gear failures and weather effects.

On Sunday the return leg featured a decent wind from the SW for the first half followed by about an hour of no breeze until a much weaker NE breeze to ride to the finish. Most of those that finished the race were on the course for over twelve hours. Two boats didn't start Sunday's race and four others retired.

This year's race was the tenth run since Tom Gibbs passed away. We were honored to have his son Tim and wife Debbie come-up on their new powerboat to join us for Saturday's Steak Fry. They made the trip from Edgewater through the same weather we sailed through and with the same tenacity his father was so well known for. Debbie and Tim then offered their services as RC on Sunday morning to get the second leg started.

We also had help from Karen Pleban and her 25' motorboat Saturday morning as she attempted to start the race. Regrettably her anchor dragged and she ended up pinned against the eastern stone breakwall at Lorain soon rescued by the US Coast Guard. Un-phased Karen drove up to attend the steak fry and deliver the RC signals used then on Sunday. Wes Scott started Saturday's race using navigation markers 5 and 6 and a three-minute countdown sequence of horns and radio announcements from Tom Gibbs' old boat, Great Scot.

2018 Gibbs/Kelleys Island Race NOR and Application Available Here
2018 Gibbs Race Sailing Instructions
2018 Gibbs Race Results

2018 MAST Race
Saturday 30 June 2018

2018 MAST Race Cancelled

Due the technical difficulties (MAST mooring buoys not yet deployed) we are forced to cancel this year's race.

Lorain One-Design Regatta
Saturday, 14-15 July 2018

The annual Lorain One-Design Regatta will be held on Saturday July 14, 2018 at LSYC. The event will have starts for Stars, Interlakes and Jet 14s. The event includes a two-day Green Star for the Star Class, District 4. Any other class that registers at least three (3) boats by Saturday, June 30, 2018 will also receive a start at the regatta.

Light winds on Saturday, July 14th, delayed the start of the first race by about two hours and the appearance of a freighter crossing the course put in an additional half-hour delay. But overall we still managed to get in three races for the Interlakes and Jets and four races for the Star fleet.

The Stars, who were also holding their district-wide "Green Star" competition, raced for a second day on Sunday and found much more cooperative winds allowing the Stars to get in a total of six races over their two-day schedule.

2018 One-Design and Green Star Results
2018 One Design Regatta Slide Show
Get the Lorain One-Design NOR and Race Application here.

District 4 Green Star
Saturday and Sunday, 14-15 July 2018

LSYC is pleased to include as part of our annual Lorain One-Design Regatta the two-day, District 4 Green Star. The Stars will race both on Saturday (with the other classes of the OD regatta) and on Sunday.

This Green Star is an Open Star event and ALL members of District 4 of the Star class are welcome to participate. We plan to offer a minimum of five races over the two-day schedule which will also include the traditional Lorain One Design Regatta dinner Saturday night.

The Green Star NOR (available here) is part of the Lorain One-Design NOR.

PHRF Night Race
Saturday, 28 July 2018

LSYC is trying something new for the weekly auxiliary racers -- a night race. This one evening event will include a post-sunset start and a race around our fixed-mark course.

We had a great Night Race for our first try at it. We had four boats turn-out, one elected not to start given the low winds present at the start. Our RC, Wes Scott, elected to run his boat, Great Scot, around the course while also starting the race with horns only using the standard five minute sequence. In fact all three boats that competed were single-handed by their owners.

It took the fleet about 40 minutes to clear the harbor as the winds grew and as we moved further offshore and out of the wind-shadow of the land. Thereafter the winds held in the 4-6 knot range throughout the balance of the race.

Scott Peterson got ahead at the start by jibing to the west to avoid the lighthouse windshadow and sliding along the outer breakwall until he could clear the new light. Well, almost never, the boats were usually close enough together to make voice communication easy.

All boats easily found the "E" mark given the lighted shoreline in the background. But "F" mark proved ellusive even with GPS due to the dark. Scott seemed to have a Zen ability to find it without problems but Bill and Wes both sailed a length or two past it before seeing it on their Starboard quarters and having to head back upwind to round it, adding more to Scott's lead.

All in all everyone reported what a fabulous race it was. The day before had been a full-moon and the plants Jupitor, Venus and Mars were in the clearing sky overhead -- Mars at this year's closest approach to earth and especially red.

Hopefully next year we'll see more boats come out for the second annual nite race.

First Annual PHRF Night Race - 28 July 2018

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